What Are The Outdoor Furniture Factory And How To Buy It?

What Are The Outdoor Furniture Factory And How To Buy It?

Don’t buy villa friends in the choice of furniture are particularly careful, in the choice of outdoor furniture when we all think of the choice of the best outdoor furniture, in the choice of casual outdoor furniture when we all consider how the factory, then we know what outdoor furniture factory?

Today small editor with you to see what outdoor furniture factory and outdoor furniture shopping method is what?

What Are The Outdoor Furniture Factory And How To Buy It?

I. What are the outdoor furniture factories?

1, the holy poem home is officially landed in China in 2006, is committed to the interpretation of consumers a healthy concept of life, leading a fashion lifestyle. Products from the design concept, structure to the selection of materials every detail experience is interpreted to consumers a new concept and way of life. Its brands include the United Kingdom GLOSTER, TUUCI, Belgium ROYAL BOTANIA, Germany DEDON and other international top outdoor home classics, imaginative and design taste of dining table chairs, lounge chairs, beach chairs, hammocks and a variety of sofas and other furniture, hystia outdoor furniture can be arranged in the gardenleisure areas such as courtyards, swimming pools, cafes and clubhouses.

2, Agio, in the history of the United States has been more than 30 years, has been a leader in the high-end fashion and leisure furniture industry. Agio leads the world’s latest trend of home improvement, so that living space is no longer limited to indoor living rooms, study and bedroom, so that consumers began to pay attention to the sun room, balcony and garden, which are closer to the natural, leisure and comfortable open space, and make the function of these spaces have been maximized,Design a series of outdoor lying bed, dining table chair, swing, and even more comfortable sofa sets, bar chairs, outdoor sun beds and other products.

3, MBM (M?nchener Boulevard M?bel) is a well-known German furniture company, with a particular focus on the production and manufacture of outdoor furniture. The main products include outdoor furniture, rattan chairs, garden furniture, garden furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, solid wood leisure tables and chairs, marble tables and chairs, as well as customized products specially available to designers.It is not only a display of quality of life, but also the interpretation of different attitudes to life.

4, Aoma Furniture is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Xingli Group Xingli Furniture Company and Italy’s well-known furniture designers hand in hand to create the international Italian furniture brand. “Aoma” brand furniture combined with the latest trend of national gold, closely combined with the taste of the times lifestyle to absorb advanced technology and design concepts in Europe and the United States, into the modern humanities, art and aesthetics;International quality, naturally highlight the extraordinary charm.

What Are The Outdoor Furniture Factory And How To Buy It?

II. Outdoor furniture shopping methods

1. Just as you choose interior furniture, choose outdoor furniture that matches your taste in life.We have a wide selection of styles and styles, conservative traditions and open modern outdoor furniture.

2. Determine the price you can accept based on your income and purchasing power. For example, a teak table can cost from 1500 yuan to 16,000 yuan or more.And the general set of iron outdoor furniture includes 4 chairs, a glass table is only about 1500 yuan.

3.Take a closer look at the different outdoor furniture materials to see if they match the style of your garden and gazebo.

4. Use/find specially produced outdoor seat cushions that are resistant to mold, sun burn and tear.The inner filling should be non-absorbent and fast-drying polyester material.

5.Before you buy outdoor furniture, try it and make sure that the chairs and stools are comfortable when you sit in.

6. Pick a table big enough based on your needs and range of space.A table with a diameter of 1.2 meters makes it comfortable for five people to use. In the choice of casual outdoor furniture when we will consider how manufacturers, of course, in the selection of the time to learn a reasonable selection is also very critical.

The above is the small editor today for you to introduce the outdoor furniture factory what and outdoor furniture shopping methods here is over.

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