Outdoor Lighting As An Outdoor Furniture Brand And Shopping Tips

Outdoor Lighting As An Outdoor Furniture Brand And Shopping Tips

Lamps are used by households, there are many kinds of lamps, such as garden lights, lawn lights, wall headlights, etc. belong to outdoor furniture, buy the best outdoor furniture, in the market outdoor lighting brands have many, choose to be cautious, avoid buying inferior lamps, then outdoor lighting brands? Outdoor lighting shopping tips?Casual outdoor furniture this is a lot of people concerned about the topic, the following by the small editor to give you a detailed introduction to it.

Outdoor Lighting As An Outdoor Furniture Brand And Shopping Tips

First, outdoor lighting brand what

1. Philips lamps, it is a world-famous lighting brand, the brand was founded mainly to carbon silk bulbs as the main production products, is a large european market at that time a large carbon silk bulb manufacturer.With the development and change of technology, Philips’ lighting products have been developing continuously, with amazing achievements, and the product has also expanded very much.It’s a fixed outdoor furniture.

2.Foshan lighting, according to the Information provided by the China Electrical Lighting Association and the Light Industry Federation, Foshan Lighting Company is the national electric light source industry production scale, high foreign exchange, good economic benefits of export-oriented enterprises, the indicators are ranked first in the same industry.

3.Rex lighting, Rex lighting products and application solutions by many well-known projects and famous brands, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Wuguang high-speed railway.

4.Shanghai Hongqiao transporthub and other well-known projects, guangzhou 2010 Asian Games lighting products suppliers.

5. Op: Founded in 1996, mainly engaged in home, business photos, electricians, light sources and other fields, product rich, the main products of energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, brackets, shooting lights, LED lighting and other products of the domestic market share has been in a leading position, high visibility.
The quality of Op lighting is relatively stable, product range, durable, long life is also very long, the price is more expensive.

6.Sunshine Lighting, Zhejiang Sunshine Group is listed as the country’s 300 key enterprises and Zhejiang Province’s key support of large enterprise groups, is a well-known Chinese brand, China’s well-known trademarks, China’s export brands, China’s export exemption enterprises.

Outdoor Lighting As An Outdoor Furniture Brand And Shopping Tips

Second, outdoor lighting shopping tips

In the purchase of the best outdoor furniture, but also to take into account the product charging time, generally speaking, if the battery capacity is large, but the charger’s output current is not increased, it will make the charging time double, so in the choice of high-capacity battery to choose a high-current charger.

Headlamp waterproof performance problems, ordinary are general rain protection, if the real dive most are hung up, so in the purchase time to know more, according to their own needs to buy. 3. For regular purchase of lights users, expect the longer the product life is better, so that you do not have to recharge regularly, and do not worry about the critical moment without electricity, but the duration of such lamps is limited, generally can last 8-10 days enough,Because the longer the duration is not bright and the less good, and the capacity of the battery is increased with the corresponding multiple pressure.

The above article is this issue of small editor-in-chief to introduce to you about the outdoor lighting brand and outdoor lighting shopping tips, I hope the above content in your purchase of casual outdoor furniture can help.

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