Outdoor furniture - Outdoor Parasol Advantages, How To Install It?

Outdoor furniture – Outdoor Parasol Advantages, How To Install It?

With the rapid development of economy and technology in recent years, people are more and more fond of vacation and travel, shopping for casual outdoor furniture is very common.

Especially in the summer, people are often accustomed to bring a parasol, what are the benefits of outdoor parasols? How should they be installed, next, small editor for you to introduce the benefits of outdoor parasols and outdoor parasols, etc. , interested friends continue to look down.

Outdoor furniture - Outdoor Parasol Advantages, How To Install It?

I.The benefits of outdoor parasols

1. Outdoor parasols are an indispensable tool for outdoor activities. As the name implies, parasols can block the sun, resist the sun’s heat, or shelter from the rain. Traditional parasols are small parasols for family travel, but here, filial ity of landscape facilities and outdoor type, large parasols need fixed feet, also known as outdoor parasols.This is a casual outdoor furniture.

2. Outdoor parasols are mostly placed in parks, communities, squares and other places, for people to shade and shelter, so that they can enjoy the cool. Leisure umbrellas are generally equipped with outdoor furniture, such as a mid-column umbrella with a round table, can make people’s outdoor leisure activities to get a better sublimation, taste leisure life.
General outdoor parasols are to see the size, because the size of different outdoor dining tables and chairs can directly determine the size of outdoor umbrella selection, you can also communicate with the dining chairs manufacturers, so that outdoor tables and dining chairs and parasols reasonable match.

3. Outdoor parasols are mainly shade, so the color of the fabric is related to UV protection. According to relevant scientific research, under the same conditions, the darker the color of the sun blind, the better the UV resistance.By contrast, black, dark blue, dark green are light blue, light pink, light yellow and other UV resistant.

Outdoor furniture - Outdoor Parasol Advantages, How To Install It?

4. One of the differences between umbrellas and parasols is that the main purpose of outdoor parasols is to protect them from the sun and protect our skin. Umbrellas have sun and rain protection functions. But its relative sun protection is weaker than parasols.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose a clear umbrella in rainy areas and a parasol in areas with high UV rays.

5. The difference between umbrellas and parasols is not only functional, but also in the process of parasols and parasols. There is silver glue on the inside of the umbrella. Umbrella-shaped umbrellas mainly have uv protection coating on umbrella cloth, or umbrella cloth itself has the function of UV protection.
Outdoor furniture has many features and styles for you to choose from, you can communicate directly with outdoor furniture manufactures if you have special needs.

II, outdoor parasols – installation

  1. Be careful when handling outdoor parasols.
  2. When placing outdoor umbrellas, they should be erected, do not stack, so as not to accidentally crush and tear the cloth
  3. Before using the outdoor parasol, check that the screws on the cross pipe are tightened.
  4. When any outdoor umbrella frame is found to be bent or deformed, the repair should be stopped immediately and continue after troubleshooting. 5. When outdoor parasols are used for outdoor display operations, special attention should be paid to wind protection. When the observer is temporarily away, the outdoor umbrella should be lowered to the bottom.
    That is: the inner leg shrinks back into the outer leg, thus effectively preventing wind damage.
  5. When several outdoor parasols are operated in series, the outdoor parasol legs adjacent to the outdoor parasols and outdoor parasols should be tied to a rope or rope to make it a whole, in order to enhance their wind resistance.
  6. When the legs of two outdoor parasols are tied together, do not wrap the tape, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the sleeve on the outdoor parasol slide up and down. 8. Outdoor parasols are connected by many steel pipes.

Even if you break, you can find replacement parts from your local dealer, which are easy to service. To sum up, this is the small editor for you to introduce about outdoor furniture in the outdoor umbrella related content. Outdoor umbrellas allow people to cool off and the better the uv resistance. But in the process of installation, be careful to install, do not throw at will, reasonable placement. So, samll editor for you to introduce here.

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