Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types Of Beach Chairs

Outdoor Furniture – Introduction To The Types Of Beach Chairs

With the improvement of people’s living standards, enjoy life is more and more people pay attention to, the best outdoor furniture is popular.
Beach chairs are one of the most common furniture outdoor furniture, so the demand for outdoor furniture is increasing, the popularity of casual outdoor furniture, so that as outdoor furniture beach chairs, what types?

1.Wooden beach chair

Wooden beach chairs are one of the most common types of beach chairs and are used in Sanya resorts and five-star hotels. Wood beach chair is made of wood raw materials, solid wood raw materials after special anti-corrosion treatment, can achieve the effect of anti-termite, insect decay, and wood after drying treatment, will not be easily deformed, especially durable, can reach the standard of outdoor use. In the appearance, wooden beach chairs more quality, with wooden small square table, landscape umbrella, very high-end atmosphere, but high-quality solid wood beach chair price is also more expensive, and need late maintenance.Generally applicable to high-end hotels and resorts, if the economic conditions can also be considered wooden.

Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types Of Beach Chairs

2. Plastic beach chair

Plastic beach chairs are generally made of polyethylene production and processing molding, compared to other beach chairs, its price is more affordable, and the appearance is particularly stylish, elegant. Plastic plastic is strong, can be processed into different shapes, and color selection is rich, but plastic beach chair is not resistant to corrosion, not wear-resistant, the use of life surface is relatively short.Generally applicable to exhibition, real estate seating area, square, home can also be.

3. Rattan beach chair

Rattan beach chairs are also common, and they are generally combined with iron to show romantic aesthetics. Its bracket is generally built with thick iron pipe and cast iron wire iron frame, while the toundertake surface is with a simulation vine, lying on it will feel very cool and comfortable. But this beach chair is not very convenient to carry.Generally applicable to villas, courtyards.

4. Canvas beach chair

The canvas beach chair is the heart of many young “donkey friends” and it has a lightweight embodiment and stylish appearance. Can fold flexibly, so it is very convenient to carry, in addition canvas beach chairs have a variety of colors to choose from, people can choose according to their own preferences.Generally applicable to outdoor camping, rallies, exhibitions, living room seats and so on.

Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types Of Beach Chairs

Beach chair is one of the most common outdoor furniture furniture, it can be used as mobile outdoor furniture, can be moved at will, more convenient.The above is an introduction to the type of beach chair, I hope you have some understanding of the beach chair.

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