Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types And Advantages Of Swing Chairs

Outdoor Furniture – Introduction To The Types And Advantages Of Swing Chairs

Outdoor furniture in our daily life in greater demand, the purchase of the best outdoor furniture is every family’s choice. Swingist is our childhood “dream”, always give you a feeling of comfort, relax your nervous, let your whole person in a state of leisure.

And now, swing chair more and more become a fashion trend, different functions, different styles, and even different forms of swing chair is very popular with everyone, today, small editor on a simple introduction to you about the choice of different swing chair, hoping to provide reference for your purchase!

Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types And Advantages Of Swing Chairs

First,different types of swing chair options:

1. Steel swing chair selection: Because of the high hardness and other properties of steel itself, steel swings usually have a more beautiful appearance than other types of swings. Beautiful iron lace, elegant flower baskets are very European romantic mood. The connection between the swing seat and the swing frame is made with a chain buckle that adjusts the length of the chain according to the individual’s height, thus changing the height of the swing seat.The surface of the swing is coated with rust-proof paint, can be better waterproof, suitable for outdoor use.

2. Wooden swing chair choice: As we all know, the general wooden swing has a disadvantage, that is, when the swing, the wood will make a “creaking” sound, so generally not suitable for indoor.But many times, the swing seat is tied to the wooden frame with chemical fiber rope, not with metal or wood, so the friction between the swinging rope and the wooden frame is less loud, according to their own and family actual situation, placed indoors is also possible.

3.Vine swing chair selection: hand-woven rattan swing texture is lighter, the surface is not paint and other paint, so do not worry about the problem of paint volatilization caused harm to human health, but because there is no protection of paint, rattan swing can not be rain, so only suitable for placement indoors.

4. Mixed material swing chair: At present, there are a small number of family swing chairs on the market are made of several materials. The main skeleton is made of steel, and a plastic shell is attached to the outside, and the nylon rope is made of swing rope.This swing chair is relatively low-cost, plastic shell feel sour, cheaper.

Outdoor Furniture - Introduction To The Types And Advantages Of Swing Chairs

Second,introduction to the advantages of swing chair

1.Assembly is very simple, one person can be assembled to complete.

2.You can take away your space at any time.

3.Shelves generally use frosted steel pipe, can carry 100kg, and steel pipe can be casually decorated.

4.Fabric complete color, with different decoration style, there is always a suitable for you.

5.After assembly covers a small area, can be widely used in the living room, bedroom, balcony and yard, but also the necessary outing in the wild!

6.Special craft made of fabrics, strong and used, the color is also quite beautiful.

7.It is suitable for all ages, young and old.

Third, introduction of the benefits of swing chair

1.Natural environmental protection: to bring simple and fresh, elegant and quiet pastoral atmosphere to people’s lives.

2.Anti-mold, insect decay: rattan materials generally have to go through cooking, drying, mold prevention, disinfection, sterilization and other complex processes.

3.Strong breathability: rattan material feels refreshing, very suitable for summer use.

4.The texture is strong: the flexibility of the rattan material is very good, coupled with poor thermal conductivity, so warm winter and cool summer.Swing chairs serve as fixed outdoor furniture because they should be solid in texture for a long time outdoors.

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