Outdoor Furniture - Hanging Basket Wicker Chair Use Precautions

Outdoor Furniture – Hanging Basket Wicker Chair Use Precautions

The hanging basket wicker chair is an outdoor furniture that the owner uses to rest in his leisure time. The materials used in the hanging basket rattan chair are different, and the price will be different. The owner can choose according to his own needs when purchasing, and the basket rattan The chair needs to be maintained. Knowing some maintenance techniques can extend the service life of the basket wicker chair. Next, let’s take a look at the price and precautions of the basket wicker chair.

Outdoor Furniture - Hanging Basket Wicker Chair Use Precautions

First, the basket wicker chair price

1.The price of the basket wicker chair is determined by its model and raw materials. The basket of rattan we choose which model is usually determined by the specific circumstances. If we just want to sit down and relax and close our eyes, then buy a sitting basket wicker chair. If we want to take a nap in the afternoon wicker basket, then we can give priority to the sleeping basket wicker chair. Of course, the sleeping style will be more expensive, because it is relatively large, and it will be more time to put in the weaving materials.

2, material. Some hanging basket wicker chairs are woven from pure natural plant vines. Because its rattan is pure natural, its toughness is excellent, so it is not easy to break, and the face is smooth, so you don’t have to worry about hanging your clothes. However, because it is made of pure natural rattan, it has more manpower and material resources, and the price will be higher. The price of a natural rattan-woven basket of rattan chairs is usually around 3,000. If it is made of industrial plastic rattan, then its flexibility is poor, it does not seem to have high-end grades, then the price is lower, probably around 2500.

3.Model. If the basket has a single model structure, then its price is cheaper. Usually such a single structure is more common in public parks. If the strangeness of the hanging basket is more complicated, the overall temperament is extraordinary, it incorporates a lot of creativity, and it has the charm of natural and free, then its price is more expensive. This type of wicker chair is usually placed in an indoor living room or balcony. If your house is upscale, it is more suitable to buy this wicker chair to match the house.

Outdoor Furniture - Hanging Basket Wicker Chair Use Precautions

Second, the basket basket wicker chair matters needing attention

1.Place the wicker chair. There are many types of rattan chairs, such as rattan chair sofas, leisure wicker chairs, outdoor rattan chairs, and hanging basket wicker chairs. Due to the different types, they are placed in different locations. The basket wicker chair is a new and bold design, it can be placed in the corner of the living room, on the balcony of the home, indoor garden, or small yard, even you can put it in your bedroom, it gives a kind of Warm and romantic feeling.

2, the cleaning of the wicker chair maintenance. If the wicker chair is used for a long time, it will still be dirty. Therefore, during the maintenance of the cane chair, pay attention to the cleaning problem. First of all, we can use some light salt water to lightly wipe the wicker chair to play a stain-proof effect. For the dust treatment in the maintenance of the cane chair, we can wipe it with a soft damp cloth. If the dust between the cane chair gaps can be cleaned with a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner, do not use a detergent or solvent to wipe the wicker chair, avoid using water. To clean, so that the wicker chair loses its elasticity and luster.

Hanging basket rattan chair is a more common item now. Sitting on it and drinking a cup of tea, reading a book is a very good way to relax. The owner should pay attention to maintenance when using it, which can improve the safety of sitting on it. Decoration House Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the basket wicker chair price.

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