Introduction To The Clothes Rack Brand And Purchase As Outdoor Furniture

Introduction To The Clothes Rack Brand And Purchase As Outdoor Furniture

Buy the best outdoor furniture when every family choice, the general family will buy clothes racks as outdoor furniture, but clothes hangers more variety, now the brand is more and more, so in the purchase of the best first to choose its brand, general lying good or just the owner of high evaluation is better,So what do the clothes rack brands have? What are the selection methods for the clothes racks?

First, the brand of the clothes rack

1.Hand-in-hand Hands Hands Hands Hands-on Daily Products Co., Ltd. is a homewares high-tech enterprises, as one of the top ten brands, hand in hand still occupies a large market share in the market, with strong market competitiveness, hand-in-hand has played a world.

Introduction To The Clothes Rack Brand And Purchase As Outdoor Furniture

2. Good wife: good wife is China’s clothes rack industry iconic brand, affiliated with Guangdong Good Wife Technology Development Co., Ltd., Good Wife Company is a national high-tech enterprises, in product research and development capacity, high scientific and technological content, product added value, enterprise development is very rapid.

3.Orant Orlant: Orantra is a private technology enterprises, enterprises to progress, innovation is essential, and advanced production equipment and technology must be constantly quoted and updated, only a strong innovation ability to protect the development of enterprises, improve the market competitiveness of products, and Olante is to see this clearly,
Has become an international brand.

Introduction To The Clothes Rack Brand And Purchase As Outdoor Furniture

Second, the selection method of the clothes rack

1. Good products do not rust: since it is a clothes tool, it can not avoid close contact with all kinds of clothing, so buy clothes rack first look at the material, not rusty products to ensure that the clothes drying clean, clean, most of the current market is made of aluminum alloy clothes rack,basically will not rust.

2. Wire rope: This is one of the main factors that determine the safety of product use, poor quality wire rope easy to break, easy to produce burrs, easy to rust, recommended to carefully confirm at the time of purchase;
After all, today’s smart home appliances must focus on the user experience.

3. Look at the sheave: the market is mostly used carbon steel bearing sheave, there is also the use of pure copper combined with high-strength glue sheave, carbon steel material sheave hardness is high, strong tolerance, but it is easy to rust, and once rust edadden seriously affects the normal use of products, if the quality of internal bearings in general, it is easy to break, so the product can not be used;
Suggested to choose the brand or product with pure copper pulley, on the one hand is not easy to rust, on the other hand, solid high-strength colloid wear-resistant, no sound, quality assurance.

4. Look at the hanging rod: the current market drying rod, what style, what color have, let us very difficult to choose, it is recommended that we can see from several aspects: first of all, hanging rod surface treatment to fine, hanging hole smooth, no burrs, shiny, high grade, second look at the thickness, thick some of the drying rod strong gravity, not easy to bend or deform,
But can not choose too thick, to moderate, if too heavy in the normal drying process more laborious, after looking at the whole drying rod, beautiful and generous, no bending or deformation, fine workmanship, reasonable packaging, you can focus on the choice.

Clothes hangers are generally placed on the balcony, is fixed outdoor furniture, we often use, so the general purchase of clothes hangers type is fixed outdoor furniture.

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