Introduction to the characteristics of park chairs in outdoor furniture

Introduction to the characteristics of park chairs in outdoor furniture

In parks or public places of activity, the common outdoor furniture with park chairs, outdoor furniture widely used, so that people in the outdoor and other public places to add fun.

In particular, casual outdoor furniture, improve people’s enjoyment of living standards. Park chairs as an essential outdoor furniture, it plays an important role in park decoration, so, do you know what outdoor furniture park chair features?

The features of the park chair marble park chair:

Marble is a porous material and is therefore susceptible to contamination and should use less water for cleaning. Wipe regularly with a cloth with a mild detergent, then dry and polish with a clean, soft cloth. For heavily worn marble park chairs that are difficult to handle, you can wipe them with a steel wool and polish them with an electric grinder to restore its luster. There are also slightly bruised park chairs, available with specialized marble cleaners and nursing agents.

Park chair features hardwood park chair:

This park chair as a fixed outdoor furniture, in the maintenance should pay attention to. Never wipe hardwood park chairs with a damp rag or a rough rag, the right way is to wipe with a clean, soft cotton cloth, after a while with a little park chair wax or walnut oil, along the wood pattern gently rub. Some hot water cups, etc. cannot be placed directly on the surface of the park chair, which leaves a mark that is not easy to remove.
Note that colored liquids should definitely avoid spilling on the desktop Plastic veneer park chair should not be exposed to direct sunlight and bear local pressure, also do not heat, to prevent the binding part of the veneer expansion, degluing; Plastic park chair base is mostly fiberboard, highly susceptible to moisture expansion, separation, so pay special attention to waterproof moisture.If found that the veneer and its substrate off, should first combine the site with banana water or xylene cleaning, and then with universal adhesive paste restoration, after the initial glue dry, and then in the combination of the seam slit with varnish closed.

The features of the park chair wooden park chair:

Do not wash park chairs with alkaline water, or place corrosive liquids, high concentrations of alcohol, banana water and freshly boiled boiling water on the park chair to prevent damage to the paint. Usually use a clean soft cloth to wipe away dust, do not wipe with a dry cloth. If there are stains, wipe with diluted neutral cleaners with a moist, soft cloth or a drawing eraser. It is recommended that it is best to maintain with special furniture wax on a regular basis once a month.

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