How Should Suitcases Be Purchased As Outdoor Furniture?

How Should Suitcases Be Purchased As Outdoor Furniture?

In outdoor furniture, not only there is fixed outdoor furniture, but also such as luggage carrying outdoor furniture is also common for our lives.
When we go out, we can’t help with the suitcase, which can bring convenience to our life.How should we buy the suitcase as outdoor furniture?

Luggage belongs to outdoor furniture, is our must go out of the must. With the suitcase, we avoid the embarrassment of carrying a large bag. For those who like to lose three or four, travel needs more luggage.But how much do we know about the selection of suitcases?

How Should Suitcases Be Purchased As Outdoor Furniture?

Look at the appearance of materials: luggage is divided into hard boxes and soft boxes, hard boxes can be anti-pressure moisture, soft box packed much more.
Specific choice also need to look at personal preferences and travel needs, if there are items afraid of pressure, preferred hard box, carry clothing food can choose soft box. When buying the soft box mainly check whether the pin is uniform, whether there is an empty needle, the phenomenon of leakage needle.The hard box mainly observes whether there are cracks in the box, etc.

Look at the rollers: generally have bearing sewenewing wheels more reliable, if the rear wheel leakage, the use is easy to be damaged by the road steps, so it is recommended to choose a half-pack type and bearing rear wheel.

Look at the lever: the lever must bear a certain strength, in the purchase, must put the lever up and down to pull back and forth a few times, to see if the lever pull is smooth.

Look at the zipper: the quality of the zipper is also very important.When buying the zipper must pull together several times, to see if the pull is smooth, zipper has tooth deficit and so on.

How Should Suitcases Be Purchased As Outdoor Furniture?

I believe that many people will choose the face value of high first!Choose a suitcase, in addition to pay attention to the size, there are three aspects to pay attention to.

The structure of the luggage wheel

Wheels, as the main bone of the suitcase, are very maddening when confronted with unruly wheels.
So we should choose to take the wheel with the luggage, especially when we do a train or plane, do not have to consider how much things, pull the suitcase run with impunity, is a very happy thing.

The lever handle of the suitcase

The pull bar handle of the suitcase must be easy to pull out, and not easy to slip, so that when dragging the suitcase will not pull half a day out, or because of hand slip box fell to the ground.

The anti-scratch angle of the suitcase

The luggage must have a corner.
We are in the travel, the suitcase will inevitably bump, not only caused a certain damage to the box, but also affect our mood, as well as the face of the box. There is a sentence called “see words like see people”, the same, the suitcase also represents our image.
So we should think carefully when choosing a suitcase.

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