How Should Outdoor Furniture Be Maintained In Different Materials?

How Should Outdoor Furniture Be Maintained In Different Materials?

Outdoor furniture is used more and more widely in our daily life.
Casual¬†outdoor¬†furniture can be said to be every furniture must, families are generally have to buy outdoor furniture, we should know how to maintain outdoor furniture. Before you buy wood for outdoor furniture, especially fixed outdoor furniture, you need to know what type of wood. Whether it’s hardwood or cork will determine what steps you need to take to maintain outdoor furniture.

Next, let me introduce the different materials of outdoor furniture should be how to maintain.

Hard wood

Hardwood is considered a durable long-term investment. Usually made of teak wood or birch wood, wear-resistant and non-corrosive. Because of the robustness of the hardwood, the treatment is relatively simple. The most important step when first installed is to protect it from weathering with high-quality wood oil. Then, at the beginning of each season, wipe with hot soapy water or hardwood cleaner. If the appearance is not very smooth due to storage or use, polish it first and then coat it with wood oil to rejuvenate it.

How Should Outdoor Furniture Be Maintained In Different Materials?

Softwood Conifer

wood is usually made of pine, is less durable than hard wood and is currently expensive. After careful care, cork life is often about ten years. In order to extend the service life as much as possible, first soak with preservatives, followed by the application of furniture oil. Use UV-resistant oils to reduce the possibility of discoloration and cracking. If the softwood furniture placement area is dark, it is possible to breed mold, to be treated with a bactericidal solution.

Metal furniture

Metals are better maintained. Daily maintenance with warm soapy water and non-abrasive sponge wipe can be done. However, if scratches are not treated in a timely manner, rust can occur, so once found, the scratches are removed with steel hair and then painted. To prevent discoloration, wash it regularly and store it in winter.

How Should Outdoor Furniture Be Maintained In Different Materials?

Rattan furniture

The rattan home has strong UV protection and weather resistance, so no special maintenance is required. If it is synthetic rattan furniture, clean the dirt with a damp cloth. However, if it is a natural rattan, try not to get wet, it is best to use a brush to gently clean up dirt.
Always check the frame under the rattan table or chair, usually steel products, that require normal metal maintenance.

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