Common Sense Of The Selection Of Lounge Chairs In Outdoor Furniture

Common Sense Of The Selection Of Lounge Chairs In Outdoor Furniture

In the outdoor furniture industry, outdoor furniture products in the beach chair also known as lounge chairs or lying bed, is a lot of leisure people and the pursuit of fashion and natural friends must-have home appliances, then about outdoor lounge chairs to buy common sense and outdoor recliner product knowledge how much do you know? Today teach you how to understand beach chairs? How to buy beach chairs?

1.The height of the recliner, the height of the lounge chairs depends on the height of the chair, in addition to the bar chair, the height of the general chair is designed according to humanism, but the height of children’s furniture is based on the height ratio of children designed.

2.The deep degree of the recliner, in the formal occasion, because the polite person sitting very well, can only do a third of the chair part. However, in the spare time, people like to lie on the chair, all the way to feel the comfort of the chair.

3.The back height of the recliner chair, for those sitting in a good position can choose a chair without an armrest or a chair with lower armrests. It’s better to put the back completely on the back of the chair, so we might have to consider the height of the back of the chair in this respect.

4.For the armrest of the lounge chairs, in the design of the need to consider the height of the armrest. The height of the armrest is proportional to the height of the backrest, not too high or too low.
It’s appropriate to move around 20 to 25 centimeters.

5.The line of the recliner and human contact is comfortable, the softness of the mat is appropriate, if not attached cushions, cushionback chair, directly look at the lounge rumator structure is healthy, whether the line is smooth, try to lie is whether to feel physical and mental comfort.

6.The stability of the recliner, not only to talk about the recliner, all chairs must consider the stability, we can see from the details of the chair, riveting degree, etc. to see the stability of the whole chair, of course, the best way is to do a shake, feel whether the chair itself is shaking, whether the structure is stable and reasonable.

On the purchase of beach chair process common sense as the above points, outdoor furniture production of beach lounge rsads are processed by different materials, each has a variety of autumn, there is a purchase according to the home style, outdoor sun loungers as mobile outdoor furniture, is very convenient. In the placement of the venue, on-site arrangement to choose your favorite style, but also according to their own needs to choose different lines, different styles of beach loungers.

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